Broken to Beautiful

psalm 3418

Brokenhearted?! No one wants to sign up for that. This was definitely me around this time three years ago. I was going through an unexpected break up that shattered my heart into tiny pieces. BROKEN. REJECTED. WORTHLESS. These were just a few words to describe how I was feeling at the time.

I remember isolating myself from others because I didn’t want anyone to witness my brokenness and to see that I didn’t have it all together. It’s like I wore a mask in public but in private I was crying myself to sleep. I poured my all into this romantic relationship but in the end he still failed me. I didn’t know who I was or whose I was unless I was in a relationship with a guy. At this point in my life I was so tired of trying to live life by my own standards. I wanted more out of life but I didn’t know what the next steps would be to achieve it.

I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus at the time but I was a believer. I only went to church when it was convenient for me or certain holidays like Easter. Fortunately, Easter was right around the corner so I went to church with my cousins. I still remember feeling like the Pastor had a front row seat to my life and that he was talking directly to my broken heart. At the end of service I decided to fully surrender my life back to Jesus Christ. From then on I got baptized, became a member, started attending a young adult ministry and then joined a small group.

I had no idea that saying yes to Jesus was just the start to a beautiful journey ahead of me. Please don’t misunderstand me…it’s beautiful but it’s not easy. At the time I didn’t understand the break up but now that I’m on the other side it all makes sense. God used the pain of that break up to reconcile me back to him. Rejection is only God’s protection. We may not like the pain we’re going through at the time but there is always purpose in the midst of the pain.

So thank you to the guy who broke my heart because now I finally know who I am in Christ. I’ve learned so much about myself since then and now I’m starting to notice that my heart breaks when I see other women who put their value in everything else other than Jesus. I challenge you to put more energy into thanking people who reject you instead of wasting energy being mad at them. Besides, it’s their loss anyway.

From my heart to yours,





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