Meet Keayia

What Makes You Holy

I am Keayia. I am 28 years young and I’m the second oldest of five girls. (Yes, I know what you’re thinking…too many women under one roof, lol!) I was born and raised in Waycross, Georgia but I’ve called Atlanta, Georgia my home for the past ten years. I could go on and on with my autobiography but I rather keep your attention while I have it.

For years I tried living my life on my own terms. I placed my joy and happiness in temporal things of this world but I still felt empty on the inside. Over the past two and a half years I finally got out of my own way by taking the first step in saying “YES” and surrendering my life to Jesus. I’ve witnessed him transform my brokenness into beautiful while showing me purpose in the midst of my pain. Who I am nor what I have or will ever accomplish doesn’t even come close to the importance of knowing Whose I am in Christ.

God placed this blog on my heart to not only challenge me to step outside my comfort zone but also to let everyone know that this Christian walk is not a sprint but a marathon. In the words of my pastor, salvation is the starting point but not the finish line. All the good, the bad, and the ugly that I’ve been through has a purpose and most of the time it’s God working through me to reach someone else. So I hope that you will embark on this new blogging journey with me as we sprinkle some salt and shine some light to make the world a better place.